The main concept is to provide a foundation where other developers can profit from, to provide integrations into search services like Elasticsearch, Algolia, … .

Our code contains the following concepts which should be understand:


Different search services can provide integrations. search_core only provides abstractions and interfaces. The main purpose is to provide a stable API between TYPO3 and concrete connection.

For information about implementing a new connection, take a look at Develop a new Connection.


Indexing is the process of collecting and preparing data, before sending it to a Connection. The indexing is done by one of the available indexer. Indexer are identified by a key, as configured in TypoScript.

Currently TcaIndexer and PagesIndexer are provided.

For information about implementing a new indexer, take a look at Develop a new Indexer.


Before data is transfered to search service, it can be processed by “DataProcessors” like already known by dataProcessing of FLUIDTEMPLATE. The same is true for retrieved search results. They can be processed again by “DataProcessors” to prepare data for display in Templates or further usage.

This should keep indexers simple and move logic to DataProcessors. This makes most parts highly flexible as integrators are able to configure DataProcessors and change their order.

Configuration is done through TypoScript, see DataProcessors.

For information about implementing a new DataProcessor, take a look at Develop a new DataProcessor.