Manual indexing

You can trigger indexing from CLI:

./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase index:index --identifier 'pages'
./bin/typo3cms index:index --identifier 'pages'

This will index the table pages using the TcaIndexer.

Only one index per call is available, to run multiple indexers, just make multiple calls. The indexers have to be defined in TypoScript via Indexing.

Manual deletion

You can trigger deletion for a single index from CLI:

./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase index:delete --identifier 'pages'
./bin/typo3cms index:delete --identifier 'pages'

This will delete the index for the table pages.

Only one delete per call is available, to run multiple deletions, just make multiple calls.

Auto indexing

Indexing is done through hooks every time an record is changed. The tables have to be configured via Indexing.


Not all hook operations are supported yet, see Github issue: 27.

Form finisher

A form finisher is provided to integrate indexing into form extension.

Add form finisher to your available finishers and configure it like:

    identifier: SearchCoreIndexer
        action: 'delete'
        indexIdentifier: 'fe_users'
        recordUid: '{FeUser.user.uid}'

All three options are necessary, where:

Is one of delete, update or add.
Is a configured index identifier.
Has to be the uid of the record to index.

Searching / Frontend Plugin

To provide a search interface you can insert the frontend Plugin as normal content element of type plugin. The plugin is named Search Core.

Please provide your own template, the extension will not deliver a useful template for now.

The Extbase mapping is used, this way you can create a form:

<f:form name="searchRequest" object="{searchRequest}">
    <f:form.textfield property="query" />
    <f:form.submit value="search" />


Thanks to Extbase mapping, filter are added to the form:

<f:form.textfield property="filter.exampleName" value="the value to match" />


To add a facet as criteria for searching, use Filter.

To display facet results use:

<f:for each="{searchResult.facets}" as="facet">
    <f:for each="{facet.options}" as="option">
        <label for="{}-desktop">
            <f:form.checkbox value="{}" property="filter.{facet.field}" />
            {f:translate(id: '{}', default:, extensionName: 'SitePackage')}